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The Cleanest in the business!

Mississippi Tire Recycling is the cleanest, most advanced tire recycling facility in the state, with the ability to process over 50 tons per day. 100% of our tires are repurposed.

Be Green.

Recycling tires has made a huge impact on the environment. The state of Mississippi has a landfill tire ban, preventing tire waste accumulation in landfills and the toxic chemicals they contain. However, this leads to illegal and improper disposal and/or being burned at poorly equipped facilities, which release pollutants such as chlorine and zinc into the atmosphere.

Our mission is to disrupt the poor patterns of disposal in Mississippi and recycle 100% of end-of-use tires in our facility. Our products are then used in pyrolysis systems for recovering carbon black, as well as playground and athletic facility surfacing, pavement, accessories for cattle, footwear, floor mats and more. Even the metal inside of tires is sent to a melt-down facility for repurposing. 

Our tire disposal service is 100% reliable and honest. We do not shred and dump tires into landfills or disposal units! Find out how you can dispose of your old tires here >>

Why Recycle Tires

Fire hazard.

Fire risk – Tires contain highly flammable chemicals which cause serious health problems when inhaled. Benzene, Oil and Carbon pollute your lungs, the air and even the earth with oil that seeps into our drainage systems. Massive tire fires were reported to have polluted water systems with lead and arsenic.


Landfill Overload – Though there’s a ban on tires in landfills, tire shred still gets sent to the dump. With such a long time for decay, they release carcinogenic and mutagenic chemicals into the air surrounding the land fill even causing cellular damage. 


Insect Infestation – Tires left out in piles are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitos. They actually speed up the egg hatching and larval growth process. If you see piles of tires near by, you’ll find more bugs near by!

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