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Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

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About Us

MS Tire Recycling, LLC in Mississippi is a leader in the field of tire recycling. The recovered rubber chips are used to create tire-derived fuel, the alternative energy source that powers cement kilns, pulp and paper mills, and power plants. Our advanced machinery separates rubber compounds from the wire from each tire, and the salvaged steel is recycled.

The owners are backed by more than 20 years in the tire industry. Their expertise makes them a driving force in industrial recycling initiatives for the state of Mississippi. In 2015, major upgrades were made at the plant allowing for the ability to handle and produce capacities up to approximately 30 tons of tires per day.

Car industry leaders, auto service centers, and county agencies use our services to dispose of tire waste, while steel manufacturers and recycled fuel producers appreciate how we help them make reliable products at a fraction of the cost. A Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality approved facility, MS Tire Recycling, LLC is helping to shape America’s sustainable energy future.

What We Do

We offer competitive tire recycling solutions, in addition to helping businesses lower disposal costs through effective recycling practices. We are an industrial rubber supplier for making tire-derived fuel. We also sell salvaged steel to make metal products.

Who We Serve

  • Mississippi
  • Tennessee
  • Louisiana
  • Alabama