We Recycle 100 Percent of Each Tire

We shred whole tires into chips of approximately ¾ to 2 inches in size. These chips are used in tire-derived fuel. What makes our services so unique is that we are the only one in the state that can do this, and have the ability to totally recycle each tire.

MS Tire Recycling processes and recycles automobile and 18 wheeler tires.  The whole tires are shredded into 1” and smaller sizes.  Durning this shredding process our equipment separates the wire, rubber and fiber that is in most tires. The wire is recycled into rebar and angle iron. The rubber will be used to make playground material, landscaping material, athletic fields material along with many other products, which includes fuel.

MS Tire Recycling is pleased to centrally located in Jackson,MS and serve the tire disposal needs of MS.